I am sure I am like many Americans who slept poorly last night. I was disgusted at the bad behavior and disruptive chaos by the incumbent at the debate. I could not understand Chris Wallace at times seeking to placate the berserker on stage. Why wasn’t there a kill switch for that microphone? Why wasn’t there a kill switch to stop any one from blatant rule breaking on stage. I was amused when former Republican Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC finally echoed my own question in her post debate analysis.

I got greater satisfaction when former Republican Steve Schmidt commented later that beyond a kill switch there should be in the future a firehose to douse anyone who became a Human Torch again, trying to flame everyone around them. But the amusement at the idea of both a kill switch, a firehose, and perhaps even a trap door did little in the end to really assuage my emotional revulsion and agitation last night, delaying my slumbers. What possible satisfaction, what possible benefit could be imagined by that berserker in fueling such reaction from surely many Americans. It remains just one of the many many mysteries that abound over this horrid campaign.