One thing I’d like to hear more about in terms of the elections news is why it is that with such a strong victory by Biden over Trump – 306 electoral votes and over 5 million votes more in the popular vote – why is it that the Democrats got clobbered in virtually every other race.  They lost a bunch of opportunities to flip the Senate, with some dubious victories by a number of Republican incumbents. And they lost far too many seats in the House, putting at serious risk the majority in 2022.  They failed to flip any state legislatures.  I just don’t understand it. Do you? Is this because they were singularly ineffective in countering the Defund the Police outcry by some? If so, explain to me the arithmetic on new voters, who were young and went in massively for Biden.  Did all those voters fail to vote at all in the down ballot races? Were the new voters hypnotized to such a degree by the enormous danger of Trump that they voted just for the presidential race and failed to pay attention otherwise? No one, at least the pundits I’ve listened to, seem to have made even the slightest attempt to explain this.  Nor why the pollsters got it so wrong…. again!