How the taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years (USA)

I just saw this graphic a friend shared on Face book.  It shows income inequality through the tax burden over the decades.  This GIF really gets to the heart of what a certain ideology has tried to foist on the American people.  We should not be hiding from and worried about “socialism” such as it is; we really need need to confront how corporate socialism and the socialism of the rich has eaten out the core of our democratic values as a nation.

It is sobering and really terrifying, and so widely misunderstood on both sides.  How I would love to hear Democratic party leaders mention the practical realities and implications of what this has meant for America.  Make no mistake – the flattening of the tax bracket and the share of tax rates has meant the impoverishment of America on many many levels. It has meant the destruction of resources at every level of government to fund human investment and development. It has meant the gutting of education and so many basic services that used to be taken for granted in America.