I managed to get my first Pfizer vaccine today. I really am so happy about it, but will be much happier when my family is able to get their own jabs. Its not been easy in Virginia compared to other states. The supply as well as the logistics systems seem to compare poorly. Even affluent Fairfax County has had a hard time getting beyond the group of 65 and above and those with pre existing conditions.  I’m told by some physician friends that there is more vaccine than capacity to vaccinate, which is inexplicable at this stage of the game.  I hope you have been able to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Getting a jab means a lot for each of us but it is a public service as well, by limiting the chance that you might somehow pass the disease on some day.

The vaccine was painless of course. We will see how Ouchie Fauci # 2 is since they say it often affects far more that time around.  But it still will be well worth it if it helps move us and our friends, family and society forward to a far better place.