My wife and I just finished listening to Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa, speak about the dangers of a resurgence of COVID in South Africa, and the appearance of hotspots.  We were listening to a recording from the SA news networks because my wife and I follow events in South Africa closely. The speech was eloquent, with humanity, clear and compassionate. It was a remarkable speech, in that it was frankly far far better not only than the brayings of the jackass in the Executive Mansion here, but better than any other American politician.  Ramaphosa touched all the bases about why people need to practice good mask and behavioral hygiene, and avoid public gatherings, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary travel.  Do all politicians speak this way outside the USA? I think it would be tough to find anyone to match his simple unaffected eloquence.

You should listen to it – its only a half hour. Even ten minutes will convince you how sadly lacking we have been in terms of any sort of coherent, consistent and clear public communication. Let me know what you think.

VIDEO: President Ramaphosa addresses the nation on latest COVID-19 interventions