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Over the course of my life, I worked nearly 20 years with international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in development and humanitarian assistance. This was followed by over 20 years as a U.S. Foreign Service and Senior Foreign Service Officer before retiring five years ago. I told the story of the early part of my career, and how I came to feel chosen for this work as a life vocation, in my book ANDEAN ADVENTURES.

In my new book, A JEW IN GAZA, I’ve shared the story of my work in Gaza and Israel. I recently served as Mission Director for an international nongovernmental organization in the occupied Palestinian territories for two years, based roughly 50/50 divided between Gaza City and East Jerusalem through almost all of 2022 and 2023, present during multiple escalations and conflicts, and a witness to the constant damage and harm to the people of Gaza, the children and youth of Gaza and communities and civil society, most of whom had little or nothing to do with Hamas.

Living in Gaza, indeed the experience during two years of going back and forth between Gaza and Israel was a deeply touching experience, one which I feel enriched me as a person and as a professional, but which also deeply wounded me. I’m still coming to terms with the experience. In this book I talk about the Gaza of today and the implications of humanitarian assistance and its delivery to noncombatants and civilians, but I also want to you to understand more about the Gaza and the Gazans I came to know before the most recent spasm of death and violence.

I also have many Israeli friends for decades and came to travel all across Israel and listen to their stories and come to appreciate this unique place. But this book is not focused as heavily on Israel and the dreadful suffering that has also besot the Israelis – it examines the realities, the myths and misunderstandings of Gaza and Palestine.

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