A Jew in Gaza

My upcoming book A Jew in Gaza is now available on Amazon in different formats. It includes a candid view of Gaza and a frank discussion of the current conflict, humanitarian assistance and international humanitarian law.

By Allan J. “Alonzo” Wind

This book offers an exclusive view into Gaza few have had, as an American Jew, as a Baha’i, as a humanitarian living under the threats of the interminable conflicts between Israel and Gaza. Mr. Wind lived through multiple escalations and Israeli counterstrikes. His narrative precedes, includes and goes beyond the October 7 attack and the current war. Leading a $10 million health and humanitarian assistance program there, Mr. Wind shares insights about the realities and paradoxes of Gaza and providing humanitarian assistance in the face of conflict and the dangers to innocent civilians.

This war did not start on 10/7, however murderous and brutal the Hamas terror attack. There is a long history behind it, with death and violence on both sides that have blinded leaders to the needs and rights of the innocents. This book testifies to violations of international humanitarian law as well as the corruption and dangers from extremist groups.

No partisan or ideological polemic here; he brings to bear a balanced perspective and a call for action in terms of reconciling hated enemies, honoring the long burden of dispossession and exile of the Palestinians and coming to grips with the long-term safety, security and future of both peoples in this tormented land.


By Allan j. “Alonzo” Wind

Andean Adventures

An Unexpected Search for Meaning, Purpose and Discovery Across Three Countries

SECOND EDITION: Revised and Updated in 2024.  A memoir of public health and community development service and spiritual discovery overseas in Peace Corps and nongovernmental organizations and USAID, sharing with self-deprecating humor experiences across the Andes and Latin America. For some, a provocative discussion and meditation on searching for meaning and purpose after college. A story of successes, failures, redemption, challenges, faith and perseverance.

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