I am going to start the project of recording an audio version of ANDEAN ADVENTURES soon. I had hoped to start before Thanksgiving but I suspect it will be more likely right after. I’ve been studying how to do, have download some software and picked up some equipment to allow for an improvised recording studio in my home. I’d like to put out an audio version of the book before the end of the year, but not sure how long the process will take. Wish me luck! I’ve always been told I have a great voice for podcasts and radio. Well, I’m not sure my voice is up to par like it used to be, but I will make a game effort.
I’d love to do an audio version of the Spanish edition as well but that is probably farther off in the future. And I am sure I am not the person for that. My gringo accent, even if intelligible, would be extremely distracting I am sure.