I am happy to share the work of a lovely creator, Daniela Stockfleth-Menis, who has a podcast out of Vancouver, called BEHAS: Because Everyone Has a Story. Daniela has a website below for the podcast that includes all 24 episodes released, mostly in English with three in Spanish. She makes it a point of reaching out to people she finds interesting and uses the podcast as a way for the listener to get to know the person as well. I was honored to be invited onto her show, and she has just released as her 24th episode and final one of the second season the one with me. I hope you will use the link below to listen in! I talk about the drivers I found in my life, and how I came to work overseas in support of international development and humanitarian efforts. It’s an opportunity to lay out how ANDEAN ADVENTURES came together as a project, and now published as an ebook, paperback and audiobook.