It’s hard to believe it has been one year since the fragmentation of our lives into the Coronaverse.  On the one hand it seems too short a time; on another it sounds far too long to imagine. I want to be optimistic that we now face in the short term a better future for now. And yet we keep seeing examples of extraordinary selfishness and resistance to a  respect for science and reality. They can’t seem to grasp at all that we really got off easy, for now. This COVID 19 episode, as Fareed Zakaria, Bill Gates and so many others have reflected upon, has really been a warning bell for us. The next pandemic, and there surely will be another and in far less time than we can imagine now, could needlessly cut short the lives of far more than have suffered this time. Let’s hope not, and let’s hope that despite the witlessness of so many Republican politicians in Washington and outside of it, we will not see another horrific surge hit before we start to approach the end of this painful episode.

For my part, I am trying to continue to focus on some things that are important and hardly talked about – the lifestyle choices and wellness pursued to help the body better face what comes next. I enjoy my walks and forest baths, and hope someday soon to be able to return to a safe gym environment as well.  For now, let’s hope we don’t have to face another Coronaversary for quite some time.