I really enjoy the podcast PIVOT with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway. Scott is a madman in truth but Kara is no slouch herself, and the two of them tackle technology issues, internet and social media concerns most of the time.  I liked in particular a couple of recent podcasts where Scott referred to the collapse of the Sweat Industrial Complex, referring to all the big gyms and fitness centers, some good and some not so good, but all devastated by the Coronaverse Pandemic we reside in.  Scott made another great point as well which bears reflection and repeating: There has never been as good a time as now for getting in shape.  It’s true. The COVID 19 really hits hardest those with co morbidities and metabolic ailments which are largely preventable over the medium term.  Really the only other person who bangs this drum even more is Bill Maher, and he has frequently argued in disgust about how the Tony Faucis and the Debbie Birxes of the world have shown cowardice in not coming out and confronting the question of our health and wellbeing in a land of obesity.  Why has the USA been hit so very hard by COVID? The incompetence and brazen insanity of the Administration aside, it really comes down to the obesity and high prevalence of metabolic ailments here compared to some parts of Europe and particularly East Asia.  This is a topic I would love to see out far more in the public square.  Farid Zakaria – who was recently on the PIVOT podcast and also with Bill Maher on his Real Time HBO program – hits this theme to his credit in his new book, Ten Lessons for a Post Pandemic World.  I’ve downloaded it on Audible and plan to listen to it soon.

What are your thoughts about this issue of getting yourself in better shape? Have you been doing so? I know I have been trying; I managed to lose another 20 pounds over the course of the Pandemic to date.