I am so happy to share that Audible on Amazon released the audiobook version of my book ANDEAN ADVENTURES. It can be found by the way at https://tinyurl.com/AudioAlonzo.

Developing it required a real learning process! The book itself, which is about 280 pp, adds up to about 10 hours of narration, more or less. But that’s the least of it. I had decided to do the narration myself, and purchased a decent dynamic microphone and some other equipment to facilitate the recording along with the appropriate software to use on my laptop computer. I found it very difficult to record more than hour or so at a time, so things stretched out from there. But the editing of what proved to be about 9 files was very time consuming.  It probably required a total of 5 or 6 hours editing for each recorded hour if not more.  Quality control itself also demanded going back and listening to chapter files to catch any errors or issues that might have cropped in from either the text or the recording.

I finished the editing and quality control on the audio files by the middle of March – to be honest about 4-5 weeks longer than I had originally expected. I included an excerpt from the introduction in my March newsletter.  Then I uploaded everything to the Audible site for their review and approval.  That went live about 4 weeks later, on April 25. 

I’ve sent out some promo codes for individuals interested in listening to the book and posting a review. If you are in either the Amazon USA or Amazon UK markets, and are also interested and motivated, do please let me know.  There has been some organic sales already and I certainly welcome and encourage folks who would like to purchase it through the link above.  That will get you to Audible for it. It is available on Amazon as well as the iTunes store.

Tell me what you think!